Asta has come to save the day and he will be fighting together with Noelle in "Black Clover" Chapter 301. The reign of Megicula will finally be over as the noblewoman now gets the help of the Royal Knight.

It looks like Asta is yet to transform into his Union Mode when he arrives to save Lolopechka. However, as he faces Megicula in "Black Clover" Chapter 321, he may turn into his fighting form.

Fans are now looking forward to seeing what Asta will do to a Supreme Level Devil like Megicula. It has been seen that Megicula is a formidable foe that Noelle, Gaja and the rest of the gang find it hard to defeat.

With that, it looks like readers will once again see an epic fight between Asta and Megicula. According to Recent Highlights, the manga creator Yuki Tabata may have a lot in store for Noelle other than fighting Vanica.

In addition, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 301 may reveal the arrival of Secre. Some wonder why the former servant has been missing in action, knowing she is also a friend of Lolo.

So, the little bird may finally make her appearance in the upcoming installment. After her training, she may be much stronger than before to help Noelle and Asta bring down the enemy.

Also, fans may see the emergence of the third and final pillar of the Dark Triad. Dante is now weak and Vanica has been defeated, so this just means Zenon will finally appear.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 300, Noelle survived Megicula's blow after launching at the Devil. Megicula mocked her and said there was no way she could win their fight, OtakuKart News noted.

She added Noelle did not need to fight back as she would die soon. Megicula said she was undefeated and no human could touch or even wound her when she was inside her territory of Decaying World.

Megicula added the Devil never disobeyed those in the higher level, especially if they were only humans. She believed humans just stuck to their stupid ideas.

They never gave up and believed in meaningless things, just like Acier Silva. Noelle's mom used her children as her motivation and it became her weapon during their battle.

Gaja, alternatively, fought with his loyalty to Lolo and his sworn allegiance. As their fight continued, Noelle was fighting with hope, which Megicula did not believe existed.

Anyhow, hope came when Asta finally arrived, wielding his Devil Slayer to save Lolo. Asta told Noelle that he made it in time - now holding on Lolo.

"Black Clover" Chapter 301 will be released Sunday, Aug. 1. The manga will be on a break this week.