Deku may finally accept his friends' help in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321. His dark days may be finally over and the current's arc climax is about to come.

Class 1-A seems to know a lot of information about Deku. They now learn the importance of One for All, his Quirks and its past users, so can they now save him in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321?

According to Recent Highlights, Deku's friends now know the threat that comes with All for One. Despite the danger, they are determined to face it together with Deku.

Anyhow, knowing they are only students, it remains to be seen if they have enough power to face someone as strong as AFO. The Villain Hunt arc may end in the next installment, so fans can expect another intense turn of events happening.

Deku is in debt for his classmates' kindness, but he has already decided not to return to the U.A. Academy. He knows of the danger that may come to them and he worries that AFO will make them involved, but this will not stop his friends.

Just like Deku, they are also certain to take him back even if it means they have to do it by force. They insist on knowing the risk they have to take to have him back and never mind it at all as long as they can help Deku out.

So, in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321, fans are about to see if they will manage to convince Deku or not.

In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 320, the fight between Deku and his friends has already begun. Jiro used Heart Beat-Wall to catch Deku, but he missed, OtakuKart News noted.

Deku was too fast, but it made him realize the time they had spent together. Deku started to appreciate everything that these students had done for him.

One of them then unleashed a Tornado Tail Dance to counter Deku's attack and wrapped the tail around his neck. Deku remembered it was the same thing Shinso did during the school festival.

Despite his strength, no one wanted to give up and even restrained him so that he could never fight the enemies alone. Deku could not help himself and said that his mere presence would already put them in danger.

He added he could never let AFO take them away from him, but Fumikage used Thrust Dark Shadow on him to pin him down. Deku just blasted them out and asked them to listen.

However, they said Deku should listen to them instead as there was something he was unaware of at U.A. Would Deku finally come with them?

Find out on the release of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321 Sunday, Aug. 1. The manga will be on a break this week.