"Tokyo Revengers" Episode 16 is a must-see as a war is about to begin. The Toman gang and the Valhalla gang will soon face each other, and Baji will show whose side he is really on.

Baji has proven his loyalty to Valhalla. He is known to be against Toman but is this just an act and his real intention will be revealed in "Tokyo Revengers" Episode 16?

Both sides of the gang are now making their preparations for an upcoming war. Toman has made an agreement with the Moebius gang and their combined power has now risen to 150.

However, despite their stronger force, it is still no match to that of Valhalla. So, what will happen to the next episode?

According to Recent Highlights, the next installment may reveal the real story behind Hanemiya. He and Baji used to be the closest of friends in Toman.

However, when the group gets into the action, he has to leave the gang and be the juvenile center. Baji and Hanemiya want to give Mikey a CB250T as their birthday present, but none of them has the money.

So, they decide to steal to have the funds, but they later learn that the shop they want to rob belongs to Mikey's older brother, Sinichiro Sano. Baji gets caught, so Hanemiya sneaks behind Sinichiro and hits him on the head.

Shinichiro falls on the ground and instantly dies. So, Hanemiya ends up at the detention center - resulting in his relationship with Mikey falling apart.

He blames Mikey for what happened to him - blaming him for his brother's death. Now, all Hanemiya wants to do is take his revenge against Mikey in "Tokyo Revengers" Episode 16.

In "Tokyo Revengers" Episode 15, titled "No Pain, No Gain," the boys were surprised to learn that Takemichi became a part of Toman, OtakuKart News noted. As a result, Takemichi could not look Akkun in the eyes - knowing he knew what would happen in the future.

The boys said they wanted to join Toman, too, but Takemichi suggested it was not as good as it looked. Akkun then listened to Takemichi's story about Baji, the former first division captain.

He also told the boys about the upcoming fight against Valhalla. After that, Makoto started asking Takemichi, while Kazumich said the latter might die and they would pick up his remains for him.

Takemichi added he had no idea what was happening in Toman, as well as in Valhalla. Kazushi then stepped up to explain and said the Tokyo Maji Gang was called Toman for short.

"Tokyo Revengers" Episode will be released Saturday, July 24.