"Boruto" Chapter 60 spoilers are now out and it proves to be a huge one for every fan. Titled "Where You Belong," the life of Naruto will be in danger with the threat of Eida, Deamon and Code.

Kawaki is about to take the spotlight in "Boruto" Chapter 60. Can he save the Shinobi? Can he get his Karma back with Amado's help?

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

 According to Recent Highlights, the new upcoming chapter will have a colored cover - featuring Daemon. Everything will start with Shikamaru - revealing Code's claw marks are the same as the fourth Hokage's flying thunder Jutsu.

These claw mark patterns are found around the village, though it may only be used to confuse everyone and warn Konoha of Kara's forces. The next scene will shift to Amado, who says he has no plans on turning on Konoha.

A mysterious silhouette is then revealed and it looks like a cyborg in "Boruto" Chapter 60. Doctor Katasuke then gives a glimpse of Amado's project.

Elsewhere, Code starts to use his claw marks on Daemon. Ada, alternatively, is yet to show her full abilities to Code and still hiding some.

The scene then turns to the Hokage's home. Boruto has been taking two boba pills every day for the past week.

Kawaki makes a reason to get out of the house after Hinata prepares the food, but Naruto drags him back to the dinner table. This will serve as the welcome home celebration for Kawaki.

Everyone looks happy, not knowing there is a great danger that is about to come.

In "Boruto" Chapter 59, it was revealed that Amado could recreate Kawaki's karma, though some started to be suspicious of him, OtakuKart News noted. The previous chapter also introduced the new villain, Daemon, Eida's brother and second knight.

He could reflect the enemy's attacks toward them, while Ada revealed his reflection could grow stronger when his opponent's kill intent grew stronger. By the looks of it, the cyborg had a lot of powerful abilities that the Shinobis might find it hard to retaliate.

Naruto was not as strong as before, while Kawaki had lost his Karma. So, could Amado help the latter get back his Karma and defeat Daemon?

Find out when "Boruto" Chapter 60 releases Tuesday on Viz Media or Shueisha's Manga Plus app.