"Boruto" Chapter 60 may reveal the reason behind Amado's move to offer Kawaki to restore his Karma. Despite knowing the consequences of having Karma, some wonder what the real intention of the scientific genius is.

No one knows Amado's objective to offer Kawaki some help in "Boruto" Chapter 60. Though it is easy to believe that it may be for the benefit of Konoha village, it cannot be denied that it can also be for some self-intent.

According to Epic Dope, Eida will keep a watchful eye on Konoha. She will patiently wait for the right time to attack the village.

Knowing she is no match to any fighter when it comes to physical combat, she will rely on her brother, Daemon and Code. The female villain's ability is only limited to her make-shift Taijutsu skills.

So, this just means that Eida will be the group's brain, while Code will be the muscle. Anyhow, knowing the current situation is not in their favor, they may avoid making any reckless moves.

Elsewhere, fans want to see what will be the effect of the "otsutsukification" restricting pills on Boruto. Some of its side effects are loss of vision and even death - so everyone wants to know what will happen to the young shinobi.

Meanwhile, Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump released the official preview for "Boruto" Chapter 60, Epic Stream noted. It says "an even greater enemy" is coming as the rest will try to get the justice they want.

"Preparing for the incoming attack by the remnants of Kara...Boruto and Kawaki training!" it reads. "A new cyborg, Daemon, has awakened! The time for the final battle is coming!"

In addition, the appendix card preview text teases Code and his team will execute their plans and Boruto and the rest of the gang will engage. By the looks of it, Code, Ada and Daemon are now ready to take their next step against them.

With the introduction of Daemon, Comicbook reported he is a big threat from the final Kara trio. In "Boruto" Chapter 59, Kawaki found it hard to fight without his Karma.

He felt powerless without it and what even made it worse was both Naruto and Sasuke were weak to fight the enemies. He, Boruto and the rest of Team 7 were their only hope.

So, as big trouble was about to come, who would help these senior fighters as Boruto could not do it alone?

"Boruto" Chapter 60 will be released July 20.