It looks like Gege Akutami will be back to work if the rumors are anything to go by. Allegedly, the mangaka will end his lengthy hiatus and finally release "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 153 in August.

After the bloody fight against the Zenin clan, a new character may make its way on "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 153. Also, the Culling Games arc is about to begin - teasing another intense series of events is about to happen.

According to Epic Dope, a lot is about to happen in the manga from Chapter 153 forward. Gojo Satoru is still in the prison realm, but Itadori may finally find a way to free him.

He may also make his way to meet Kinji Hakari, the third-year Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College student, who is believed to be as strong as Gojo.

Gojo himself thinks highly of him. The young sorcerer even has the ability that can surpass his power in the future.

Does this mean another powerful character is about to be introduced in "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 153? Will Itadori and Hakari finally meet?

These questions may be soon answered when Akutami returns to work. The manga creator went on an indefinite hiatus last month to focus on his health.

Though fans are excited to see what will happen next to Itadori, Gojo and the rest of the gang, they hope Akutami is not pushing himself too hard to continue writing.

Rumor about the artist's return began on social media and stemmed from insiders, Comicbook noted. The unofficial WSJ_manga Twitter page even shares the news in a tweet.

"Apparently, 'Jujutsu Kaisen' will be resuming its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #35," it reads.

Issue No. 35 is set to be released Aug. 1 or 2, as Weekly Shonen Jump will take a break after its issue No. 34's release July 18. So, it may take a little more while before fans can see what will happen next to Itadori.

To recap, Mai and Maki invaded the Zenin clan's home to discover the family's secrets. With several deaths in tow, including that of Mai, a lot of fans were left in tears.

It perfectly wrapped up the Zenin clan arc that fans are eager to see where the story would go. Anyhow, everyone should take the manga's rumored return with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet.

As the series remains on hiatus, fans who want to catch up can read its previous chapter in-store or online through Viz Media to prepare them for "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 153's release.