Draken has officially joined the Brahman gang that surprised many. As Draken has a mission to save Mikey and put down his group, will he do it alone in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 215?

Draken kept his joining the Brahman gang a secret. But as soon as the news emerged, it raised a lot of questions that might finally be answered in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 215.

According to Recent Highlights, Takemichi is still far from saving Mikey. He vows to save Mikey and reunite the Tokyo Manji Gang, though it remains to be seen how he will do it.

So far, Takemichi has already come across two of the three most powerful gang leaders. However, he denies joining any of these groups and only focuses on taking down Mikey's gang.

Mikey has yet to make his appearance, but everyone is now gearing up for an all-out war. Each of the gangs is currently looking for new members that will make their group the most powerful.

Takemichi has a lot of reasons to join the Brahman Gang, including Draken's connection to the group. He needs a company to go against Mikey and his Kantou Manji Gang in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 215.

In "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 214, Draken gave South Terano a dose of his own medicine. Fans had been waiting to see the former vice-captain face the two top dogs of Rokuhara Tandai.

However, they were forced to stop knowing the police were about to come, IBTimes noted. South and Draken just agreed to settle their issues for some time so that they could avoid getting arrested, so did it mean they would face each other again?

In addition, Draken made a major revelation to Takemichi - saying he was a member of the Brahman Gang. It was the reason why Akashi and Karawagi Senju were only trying to recruit Takemichi.

This move might change Takemichi's mind in joining any gangs and might finally become a member of Brahman.

If this happens, can Takemichi finally save Mikey and reunite his group? Will he finally fulfill his mission that will give meaning to his time travel?

Fans will finally get an update on Mikey and his current situation with the group. Elsewhere, the new installment may get an update about Hina and Naoto.

Some Tokyo Manji Gang members may also make an appearance in the upcoming new chapter.

"Tokyo Revengers" Episode 2015 will be released July 20.