Kawaki will be gone missing in "Boruto" Episode 209. As Naruto and Boruto will later find him at the cave entrance, what does it mean?

Fans may also see the repercussions of Team 7's fight against Boro in "Boruto" Episode 209. As the Kara Inner has finally died, will everyone be safe this time?

In the new episode preview, Kawaki is nowhere to be found. He is not in the Uzumaki household, so Boruto starts to look for him.

Kawaki is later seen at the entrance of a cave with a wolf. Will Kawaki try to go inside of it?

Boro might have died, but knowing Kara members are not humans, there is a big chance that he will return. According to Epic Dope, Amado may save him by using his crazy scientific tools, though it remains to be seen if it will happen.

If Boro is really gone, some wonder what will happen to the village people infected by the virus he spread. There are theories Mitsuki will save them, like how he saved Kawaki and Boruto from it.

In addition, there are also questions on how Momoshiki managed to take over Boruto's body , knowing his Karma is not yet complete. Will "Boruto" Episode 209 explain this?

Lastly, there is no way that Jigen will just let his vessel stay with Naruto and the gang. Just like what Shikamaru said, he might return and once again put the village in danger.

This just hints at a major villain's return to the series. Comicbook noted Kawaki and Boruto's Karmas might give their amount of chakras an upgrade, but it comes with a dangerous consequence.

It can act as a doorway for some dangerous evils to enter the world again, just like what Momoshiki did with Boruto's body. The Karma that the vessel has lets the Otsutsuki return.

Unlike his father, Boruto has no nine-tailed fox inside his body. But his Karma puts him in the same situation as Naruto, who had a hard time dealing with it when he was young.

As Momoshiki seems to be just somewhere, ready to take Boruto's body anytime, there is a big threat the Hidden Leaf Village has to face. Konoha may also see Boruto as a "ticking time bomb" like his father before.

If Momoshiki manages to take over Boruto's body completely, he may join him with Jigen and continue the Otsutsuki journey. They may successfully maintain the immortality they want by stealing all the kinds of chakras in the world.

"Boruto" Episode 209 will be released Sunday.