China's air, land and sea forces are conducting increased military exercises in response to recent U.S. actions.

State news media said Monday the China People's Liberation Army conducted cross-sea exercises off the coast of China.

The latest exercise was near China's southern Fujian province. The army aviation brigade deployed several attack and reconnaissance helicopters.

China Central TV said the helicopters practiced low-altitude attack maneuvers and precision strikes on maritime and aerial targets. The report said, unlike previous exercises, the latest one involved the use of different kinds of ammunition for different kinds of targets.

Last week, the PLA Navy Marine Corps conducted a long-distance cross-sea maneuver at an undisclosed location. JS7 TV, a news company affiliated with the PLA, said the exercise involved the transport of amphibious armored vehicles and military trucks using civilian ships.

Taiwan's defense authorities said last week they had spotted a Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft enter its self-proclaimed air defense identification zone.

PLA officials said the increased exercises were in preparation for possible conflict as Taiwanese secessionists move to collude with external forces. Officials were referring to several encounters with U.S. Navy vessels in the Taiwan Strait and the landing of a U.S. military aircraft in Taiwan earlier in the month.

Xu Guangyu, a senior adviser to the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, said the increased military drills are an expected response to the U.S.'s recent provocations. He said the U.S. has repeatedly stepped on the red line as it continues to support Taiwan secessionists.

On July 15, the U.S. Air Force landed a C-146A aircraft in Taiwan. The modified military aircraft dropped some cargo on the island and then left after just an hour. The Chinese Ministry of National Defense said trespassing on its airspace or territorial waters would result in serious consequences.

International media have reported on a number of PLA exercises over the past two weeks. Some reports have linked the exercises to the regional situation and to the U.S.'s increased presence in Taiwan.