Police have now arrested "Garo Sero Institute" hosts Kim Yong Ho, Kang Yong Suk and Kim Se Ui after a 10-hour standoff. The three hosts, reportedly, ignore all the subpoenas sent to them that led to their arrest.

According to All Kpop, Kim Yong Ho, Kang Yong Suk and Kim Se Ui ignored the police's ten subpoenas for investigation, so the court decided to issue a warrant. In fact, Gangnam Police Station in Seoul even notified the "Garo Sero Institute" hosts of their arrest but met with a standoff instead.

Koreaboo noted 20 police officers went to arrest Kang Yong Suk and Kim Se Ui, but they tried to stop it by locking their office door. This event led to a standoff between the two parties.

As the confrontation and refusal continued for 10 hours, the police decided to break down the door to arrest the two. Alternatively, Kim Yong Ho was already arrested in front of his home on the same day without any issues.

The police revealed more than 10 complaints were filed against the three hosts, varying from online defamation to slander. Some cases involved former senior presidential secretary Cho Guk's daughter and the minister of unification Lee In Young's son.

Now that they have been arrested, an investigation will officially begin on Sept. 8. To recall, "Garo Sero Institute" had been involved in a number of controversies due to their explosive news reports involving different known personalities.

One of the shocking claims it made was about Han Ye Seul's boyfriend, who was said to be a male escort in the past. This allegation even led to several more accusations made against the actress, claiming she was a prostitute before. These claims remain to be unproven until today.

Meanwhile, amid the "Sero Gero Institute" controversy, Kim Yong Ho announced his decision to officially retire as the show's host and quit YouTube altogether. In an emotional clip, the reporter-turned-social-media-personality broke down in tears and called himself a monster.

He admitted to having become addicted to hurting people with his words. Though his channel earned him a lot of subscribers, views and tip-offs, it made him "wild" and turned him into a "monster."

So, Kim Yong Ho decided to stop before he could lose himself. Anyhow, he cleared no one forced him to retire and he did it because of shame. So far, there are no words yet from the "Garo Sero Institute" hosts about the arrest.