Dispatch unveiled the 128-minute-long script of former AOA members Mina and Jimin's text exchange. As the public now sees the whole picture, netizens see Mina as to blame in this ordeal.

The photos seemed to show Jimin was only stricter with Mina because she was AOA's group leader. There was no way that she bullied her and only wanted the girls to do well for the group.

According to AllKpop, Mina and Jimin already made it up in April 2020. The former even went to the funeral of Jimin's father and the latter apologized to her.

However, after just a couple of months, Mina opened up about the alleged bullying happening in the group. The transcript showed Jimin was sorry for everything she might have done, though she could not think of any mistake she made.

Mina believed it was not an apology and the two seemed to have a hard time working on their differences. With that, netizens started to argue that Mina seemed to be at fault in this issue.

The text exchange unveiled the instances she asked the managers to make an appointment with her dentists for her. She even requested them to book a session with an aesthetician for her mom on her behalf.

So, fans started to create an online community to talk about what they think of Mina's bullying claims. Many felt bad for Jimin and Seolhyun for being accused of bullying without even doing anything.

Seolhyun even fainted on stage after doing both solo and group promotions at the same time so that it would not negatively affect the whole AOA. Sadly, she was the one who got bullied.

Others said they were already done with Mina and did not even want to see her. She was said to be the worse version of Goo Hye Sun.

Amid all these, they said Jimin needed to make a comeback, as Mina was the real villain. Jimin already retired from the entertainment world after the bullying claims emerged and Mina's explosive revelations.

Just recently, Mina claimed she was one of Jimin's four alleged bullying victims, The Straits Times noted. In a series of lengthy posts on Instagram, the "Hospital Ship" star revealed there was evidence to support her claims against Jimin.

She added there were several victims and she was the one left standing. Mina even said she was keeping all these things for a lawsuit against Jimin, but one of the victims backed out.