Jin-Woo and all of humanity may be in danger in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 167 after a huge gate opens over the sky. A herd of demonic beasts starts to emerge and may be putting everyone's life in peril, but are they really the enemies?

No one knows what these beasts are and their intentions in coming to the town in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 167. As some believe they are Jin-Woo's army, are they friends or foes?

According to Epic Dope, there are theories that these beasts are the Shadow Monarch's original army. However, there are also assumptions that they are the King of Dragon's soldiers.

But judging from Jin-Woo's expression, it seems to confirm that they are the Shadow Monarch's men and its leader is maybe the strongest soldier of them all, Bellion. Knowing this soldier's power and ability, he will surely give Jin-Woo a hard time.

To recall, the Beast Monarch warned of the King of Dragon's arrival and it might happen in no time. This only means Jin-Woo still has one monarch to fight, so will it occur in "Solo Leveling" Chapter 167?

As the Shadow Monarch revealed the Absolute Being bestowed extra power to the King of Death and the King of Dragons, the latter would surely be a formidable foe. So, Jin-Woo should expect that he is way tougher than the three monarchs he previously faced.

The King of Dragon may have possessed a power that can be in line with Jin-Woo's ability. So, their battle will truly be a must-see.

In "Solo Leveling" Chapter 166, Jin-Woo met his father and it turned into an emotional roller coaster ride. It showed the backstory of Sung Il-Hwan, as he was trapped in the dungeon.

The rulers helped him but in one condition. He had to stop the monarchs, even the Shadow Monarch, who was not yet born at the time.

Il-Hwan had no choice but to agree, so he accepted the task. However, there was no way for him to stop the Shadow Monarch, knowing it was his son, Jin-Woo.

After learning of his father's past, Jin-Woo hugged Il-Hwan as he slowly turned into dust. He, then, swore to avenge his father against the monarchs when a huge gate suddenly opened over the sky.

The hunters, including Jin-Woo himself, got ready to face the biggest battle that was about to come. However, they might not be the enemies.

Anime Senpai noted they might be the shadow army of Jin-Woo. If this would be the case, it only meant that he had another power-up.

Fans are about to know who these beasts are when "Solo Leveling" Chapter 167 drops on Wednesday, Sept. 15.