Apple is likely to release iOS 15 to the public this month, and new iPhone 13 devices will most probably come with the operating system pre-installed.

As is customary, the Cupertino tech giant unveiled iOS 15 on June 7 during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

So far, the following are the anticipated new features for iOS 15.

iMessage Sharing Features

iOS 15 introduces additional iMessage sharing capabilities for photos, news articles and playlists. When a friend sends numerous photos over iMessage, they will show in a dynamic collage structure, allowing users to swipe through them or tap through to view the entire collection in the Photos app.

Users will also find news items and playlists shared via iMessage in the News and Apple Music applications' new Shared with You sections.

FaceTime Enhancements

FaceTime will have spatial audio, which will allow people's voices to appear to emanate from their place on the screen, making video conversations feel more real and lifelike.

In addition, the program will begin to resemble Zoom, allowing you to see all participants in a grid format, plan calls, and distribute links to calls that can be viewed through the browser on Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices.

Facial Recognition Selfies

Apple announced at WWDC this spring that ID card capability for the Wallet app will be included in iOS 15, allowing users to carry digital replicas of government-issued identity cards like your driver's license on your iPhone. However, it is unclear how the new functionality will function.

Apple may be using facial recognition selfies to authenticate digital ID cards when adding them to a user's wallet, according to code discovered by 9to5Mac in the newest iOS 15 beta 4 for developers.

Some banking apps already utilize photo validation to verify customers when they log in with new devices.

California Streaming

Apple has traditionally released new iOS versions approximately a week after its September event, but iOS 14 was released one day after Apple's Sept. 15 "Time Flies" event in 2020.

This year's "California Streaming" fall event is scheduled for Sept. 14, which implies that if iOS 14 is any indication of the company's new release schedule, iOS 15 may be released as early as Wednesday, Sept. 15.