Apple will reveal the new iPhone 13 at their "California Streaming" event in less than 24 hours. We'll also find out what colors the new iPhones will come in.

And already, new iPhone 13 color rumors have emerged, including one in pink, just ahead of the iPhone 13's expected launch.

Here's a rundown of what we've learned so far about iPhone 13 colors.

iPhone 13 colors: What We've Heard So Far

Unlike competing rumors about Touch ID returning to the iPhone 13 - which does not appear to be the case at this time - or which models will include LiDAR sensors and fast refreshing displays, rumors about potential iPhone 13 colors have remained largely consistent as we approach the Sept. 14 launch event.

According to Max Weinbach, a well-known leaker, space gray and graphite, which have been mainstays in the rainbow of iPhone color selections, could be replaced this fall.

Weinbach has speculated that the iPhone 13 Pro would ditch the graphite color that was previously available as an option on the iPhone 12 Pro models in favor of a black matte finish.

Weinbach's color predictions don't stop with matte black. The leaker also suggested in March that Apple could introduce a bronze or orange option to the iPhone 13 Pro portfolio. He qualified that statement by stating that the bronzish orange hue was merely an option that Apple was exploring, and that it may be dropped before Apple decided on the final iPhone 13 Pro colors.

However, it looks that Apple liked what it saw. A Ukrainian e-commerce site has listed iPhone 13 variants, including the iPhone 13 Pro in new bronze and black hues, in addition to the standard white and gold selections. This is consistent with Weinbach's comments from earlier this year.

Based on that Ukrainian site's iPhone 13 postings, what appeared to be a more doubtful rumor about a pink iPhone 13 appears to be reality as well. Pink appears alongside five other returning colors: blue, purple, black, red, and white.

When Will We Know What Apple Chooses?

Colors for the iPhone 13 will not be revealed until an Apple executive appears on stage in front of a massive slide displaying the new possibilities this fall. That is expected to happen a few hours from now.

More details may emerge between now and then - it's difficult to keep secrets under wraps the closer we get to an iPhone launch - but we're about to find out what colors Apple has chosen for this year's models.