Taiwanese President Tsai Lng-wen watched as her country's fighter jets landed on a makeshift runway on a highway strip, which is part of the government's military drill to prepare for a possible China offensive.

Lng-wen is fully aware that some of Taiwan's air bases are vulnerable to attacks, compelling her to strengthen these areas to better prepare the country from a foreign attack.

China remains firm in its position that Taiwan belongs to Chinese territory, a claim that Taiwan continuously rejects.

Beijing has done a series of efforts in the past to persuade (and even intimidate) elected officials of Taiwan to recognize China's sovereignty over the country.

Repeated military exercises near Taiwan is one of China's preferred ways to send a strong message to the country that it won't give up its claims over Taiwan.

Lng-wen received landslide re-election last year, catapulted by her strong message that Taiwan would stand up against China and won't let it have its ways.

Taiwan has been developing its military capability, thanks to the President, who has made it her top priority to bolster both its offensive and defensive capacity against China.

Currently, the Taiwanese military is equipped with three fighters, an F-16, French-made Mirage, a Ching-kuo Defence Fighter, and an E-2 Hawkeye early warning aircraft.

A highway in Pingtung county was specially designed to be used as an airstrip in case of a military attack and can function as a regular road when not used for military purposes

"Such splendid combat skills and rapid and real actions come from solid everyday training and also demonstrate the confidence of the Republic of China Air Force [Taiwan's official name] in defending its airspace," Tsai said.

The island nation has five emergency highway runways that can be immediately used for military purposes. These highways are designed to enable the country's air force to still operate in case China attacks its air bases.

A large percentage of Taiwan's air bases are concentrated on its flat west coast, facing its giant neighbor. The Taiwanese government has long anticipated that this area will be heavily attacked in case of a war.

The country remains vigilant and firm, despite China's continuous pressures and intimidation, which enabled Lng-wen to earn the respect and loyalty of her citizens.