Wendy Williams is experiencing some health scares today, giving birth to rumors that her health is deteriorating. This results in a significant delay of her talk show, "The Wendy Williams Show," and being away from the camera for a month.

The talk show's official Instagram account announced the news about William's work break. It revealed she needed to halt her promotional activities due to an undisclosed health issue.

The 57-year-old host has also tested positive for COVID-19, prolonging her break to undergo quarantine. This means that instead of returning on her purple chair for her show's 13th season debut on Sept. 20, it will be moved on Oct. 4 to comply with union protocols.

Anyhow, judging by the show's Instagram page, Williams takes all the necessary precautions to adhere to health protocols by wearing a mask outside. Sure, the artist looks fine, but it cannot be helped that several tabloids make a series of negative stories about her health.

For once, her erratic behavior raises questions about William's physical and mental health. This gives The Globe a chance to claim she has suffered a "stroke on the air," which is evidently not true, per Suggest.

Some also make her alleged uncombed hair on her Instagram posts an issue, though there is no proof that it is a sign of any illness. In addition, National Enquirer made a purported story that Williams badly needed an "emergency psychological care."

There were even reports that she needed to use a diaper, which, just like other false claims about her health, was not true at all. Meanwhile, although the broadcaster has indeed suffered some health issues in the past, it is not enough to make made-up stories about her well-being.

In fact, this is not the first time that she had a health scare. She already had taken several breaks from her talk show before, just like what she did when she suffered some complication from Grave's disease in 2020, Today noted.

At the time, the controversial TV personality was forced to take some time off to focus on her health. In a post on Twitter, she said she was suffering from fatigue, which was one of the autoimmune disorder symptoms. In the same year, she took another three-week break from The Wendy Williams Show as more symptoms of Grave's disease showed up.

To recall, Williams, too, took an extended break in 2019 for the same reason. So, here is to wishing the media personality good health and quick recovery as she goes through all these.