Kaley Cuoco has officially announced her divorce from her husband of three years, Karl Cook. This move only intensifies the rumors of an alleged secret love affair between "The Big Bang Theory" alum and Pete Davidson.

Allegedly, the romance happeneing between Davidson and Cuoco is the reason why the latter has opted for a divorce. However, a tabloid claimed the two are doing everything to prove they are not in a relationship, though some so-called insiders said they know the truth.

Woman's Day revealed the 35-year-old actress' friends were concerned about her being too fond of the "Saturday Night Live" star after visiting Six Flags together. A source, then, said their getaway was the final "nail in the coffin on her marriage."

Cuoco and Davidson are now working together for the new movie, "Meet Cute." From here, they have, reportedly, grown close to each other and even developed an "instant attraction."

The publication continued to allege that "The Flight Attendant" star is a "serial bride" who would usually fully commit herself to a relationship. But when someone more interesting comes along, it will not take long for her marriage to fall apart and this is what may have happened to Cuoco and Cook.

Despite these claims, though, Suggest slams down this report, stressing "The Wedding Ringer" actress is no way a "serial bride." She has only been married twice and both marriages lasted three years.

This only means she is not easy to move on. In fact, she even waited to move in with Cook before they tied the knot. In fact, a much credible source from Us Weekly said Cuoco and Davidson "are not dating."

Sure, no one can deny their incredible chemistry on screen, but it does not mean they are in a relationship. "Kaley and Pete have bonded a lot while filming, so much so that they've become very good friends," the insider said.

The on-screen pair also supports each other and many believe their bond will continue even if the filming production ends. Both Cuoco and Davidson went through breakups while filming "Meet Cute."

Meanwhile, in a statement to People, Cuoco and Cook officially announced their split after starting dating in 2016. They told fans that their paths had taken them in opposite directions despite their deep love and respect for one another.

So, they decided to part ways and asked everyone to understand their decision. The former couple stressed they would not give any further comments about their divorce.