BLACKPINK's Lisa is now breaking a number of music records after dropping her first solo album, "LALISA," on Sept. 10. From the album itself to the song to the music video, the Thai rapper is now experiencing massive success.

It has only been two weeks since "LALISA" dropped. As it continuously dominates the airwaves, the music streaming sites and the music charts, it looks like it is not yet done conquering the music scene.

YG Entertainment proudly revealed "LALISA" music video has now surpassed 200 million views on YouTube as of Sept. 24 at 3:31 a.m. KST. The clip was officially released on Sept. 10.

So, in 13 days and 14 hours, it was the shortest time any K-Pop female solo MV to reach 200 million views on YouTube, per AllKpop. Jennie used to hold this record through her "SOLO" music video, though it took 90 days before it reached 200 million views on YouTube.

Rosé, too, experienced this success, though it took her 123 days to do so. With these records, the three BLACKPINK members held the first, second and third ranks for the K-pop female solo artists' music videos that reached 200 million views in the shortest time.

In addition, Lisa also owns the South Korea album charts, thanks to the success of "LALISA." It quickly opened in the first place on the Gaon Albums ranking, surpassing a number of new collections from other artists without the sweat, Forbes reported.

A week after its release, it made another history after Hanteo, a chart company in South Korea, revealed the new album broke the all-time record for the most sales in a single week for any release by a female singer. It sold 736,000 in the said country alone in just seven days.

Moreover, Lisa also became the first solo female artist to have sold about half a million albums in just one week in South Korea. Just like what Hanteo said, the title was already a bestseller the time it was released.

On its launch day alone, it quickly sold 330,000 copies via digital download platforms and in record stores. For the rest of the week, it sold 2,700 copies, which was its lowest, to almost a million on the last day of the "first full tracking period."

Lisa's solo album became the fastest-selling released by a female K-pop idol in South Korean history with these numbers. BLACKPINK used to hold this record with its debut LP, The Album, for selling about 690,000 copies in the first week of its release last year.