New York has just passed an extensive new law aimed at protecting workers for food delivery companies such as DoorDash and Grubhub. The new legislation makes New York the first city in the country to impose stringent regulations on delivery companies, which had grown dramatically since the pandemic began.

The new legislation covers several areas of concern raised by food delivery workers. This includes an issue at the center of a recent $2.5 million settlement over how delivery platforms and courier services aren't properly disclosing their gratuity policies.

The legislation forces food delivery platforms to pay workers at least once per week and to give them access to payment options that do not require them to open a bank account. The new law also mandates food delivery platforms to place a clause in their contracts with restaurants that would give delivery workers access to the latter's bathrooms.

App-based food delivery companies have mostly expressed support for the new legislation, with some pointing out some possible issues with certain measures. Both DoorDash and Grubhub said they support the law and they do acknowledge the challenges that their workers are facing.

The companies said they are on the side of workers and they do have the same goals of identifying policies that work for both parties. DoorDash said it plans to continue working with the city's government and all relevant stakeholders to support all delivery workers.

Grubhub, which expressed stronger support for the legislation, said that the law was just another "common-sense step" towards providing workers in New York with living wages and proper bathroom access. The company went on to say that these measures aren't just a good idea but are the "right things to do."

DoorDash said it has some issues with certain measures, including the restroom mandate that was added at the end of the legislation's approval process. The company also contested the legislation's provision of enforcing set limits to worker's routes. DoorDash said such a provision could end up hurting customers in some areas.

The plight of food delivery workers in New York came into sharp focus in recent months, particularly after Hurricane Ida devastated the city with heavy rain and floods. Videos of workers literally braving the storm to deliver food sparked a public outcry for additional measures to protect workers.