"My Hero Academia" Chapter 329 spoilers have dropped and it hints at Shigaraki's return. A lot is about to happen in the upcoming installment, as it will also show the arrival of America's No. 1 hero, Star and Stripe.

Fans are about to see the international hero in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 329 and she will look like an All Might gender-bender. By the looks of it, Star and Stripe will be facing Shigaraki and she will get the help of All Might.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The next chapter has a lengthy title, "The West Comes in at the Last Second! An Overpowered An Incredible One Is Here." Fans are about to see Shigaraki's return and he may be in an intense battle against Shigaraki.

She will ask the villain if he knows All for One, not knowing the big bad is in him. "Who knows? Who am I really," Shigaraki says, per Recent Highlights.

All for One looks confident as he sits on a throne, surrounded by nomus. He reveals the chance he has been waiting for will finally come.

Alternatively, All Might has wiped out all of the criminal organizations in Japan. However, there are still a lot of scoundrels all over the world.

All for One has a connection will all the villains worldwide and the only thing that stops these antiheroes is Star and Stripe. Many fear her strength, being the strongest woman in the world, and All for One wants nothing but steal her quirk.

So, everyone will prepare for her arrival in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 329. However, they will receive a surprising call from Tsukauchi, saying someone has shown up 50 kilometers from where she is supposed to land.

Who is it? It is none other than Kawaki.

Meanwhile, Epic Dope added that if All Might's prediction is true, the heroes will be in big trouble after Shigaraki's completion. With the little time they got and almost no international help, All Might have to do something big this time.

Sure, Star and Stripe is on the way to help the Japanese superheroes, but it cannot be denied that Shigaraki is a formidable foe. He uses multiple quirks and is All for One's successor, so the heroes are not taking him lightly.

As Star and Stripe and All Might are about to meet, will these two join forces? Find out when "My Hero Academia" Chapter 329 drops on Sunday, Oct. 10.