At least one woman has been confirmed dead and 14 others injured after a mass shooting incident in downtown St. Paul on Sunday. Police said they already have three suspects involved in the shooting in custody.

Witnesses said dozens of gunshots erupted around midnight near the Seventh Street Truck Park. Police received multiple 911 calls from people on the scene moments after the incident. Authorities identified the woman that was shot dead as Marquisha Wiley.

Victims who were caught in the crossfire were immediately taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. Authorities said the other victims who were shot are expected to survive.

St. Paul police spokesperson, Steve Linders, described the scene of the mass shooting as "hellish." Linders said she could only imagine what the young woman who died had to go through as one minute she was having a good time and the next she was lying on the ground dying.

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said he had already spoken with the family of the victim and they were understandably "devastated" at what had happened. Axtell vowed to bring justice to the victims.

Police said they had arrested three suspects involved in the shooting. One of the men had an active warrant for his arrest, while the other two suspects were convicted felons with "lengthy criminal histories."

Police are still conducting an investigation into the incidents and have spent hours combing through the complicated scene. Forensic investigators said multiple shots were fired and bullets were found in walls and other objects around the area. Investigators are also looking at hours of surveillance camera footage in an attempt to determine the motives behind the incident.

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said the exact motive for the shooting is still unclear. Fletcher said based on what they have seen so far, the incident likely occurred following an argument and then people started pulling out their guns and shooting.

Officials said the investigation is still ongoing and it is possible that more people will be identified and arrested in the coming days. No charges have yet been brought against the three men in custody but police expect them to be charged within the week.