Tech leak staple M. Brandon Lee claims to have obtained information about a Pixel Pass subscription that would combine phone payments with an Apple One-style service bundle.

Google One, Play Pass, YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, and Google Fi connectivity appear to be included with Pixel Pass. However, there are two significant exclusions here: Stadia and a streaming service similar to Netflix.

Google Fi is exclusively available to US customers, and Lee speculates that the subscription service may likewise be limited to North American customers. However, if it is also made accessible through the Google Store, there is a chance that a modified carrier-free version of the offer will be made available in other territories.

We'd take this reveal with a grain of salt because it's unknown where Lee's screenshot came from. It reads like an internal Google memo outlining how Pixel Pass memberships should be handled.

There's no information on availability or pricing for this supposed service, but we're betting it'll be limited to the United States for the time being. After all, Google Fi is available in various nations but must be activated in the United States. As a result, if the offer is available elsewhere, Google Fi is unlikely to be included.

According to Lee's information, customers will need to buy a Pixel device in order to use the subscription service. And, if that information is correct, it raises the possibility of receiving future device upgrades on a yearly basis, which might be pretty appealing.

For any Google fans who are currently paying separately for Play Pass and YouTube Premium, a Pixel Pass makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, Apple One, the iPhone maker's similar all-in-one subscription program, does not include a device upgrade, providing Google an advantage.

It's also unclear whether Google will release a separate service bundle that doesn't include the Pixel phone or Google Fi, which would make sense. However, for a standalone bundle, cost will be critical, and according to an Android Authority poll from June 2021, most respondents would only pay between $10 and $15 per month for such a bundle.

Google has already piqued the public's interest in its upcoming flagships by announcing them a few months in advance without revealing anything significant about the devices themselves.

Leaks about additional perks, such as the Pixel Pass, are further adding to the excitement.