Hollywood seems to be surprising everyone with new, unexpected pairs and the latest on the list is Selena Gomez and Chris Evans. These two are allegedly on a dating game, though there are assumptions that it is not true.

Dating rumors have been surrounding Gomez and Evans as of late. Allegedly, there is mounting evidence to prove the claim, though some publications prove that they are duped.

So, will they bet the next Hollywood's it-couple? It all started when alleged photos of them together emerged online.

A fan blog shared alleged photos of the two stars together, leaving a recording studio and a restaurant on the same day. However, upon some digging, Elle learned that the said snaps were taken years ago.

The singer's pictures were said to be from 2019 and 2017, while the "Captain America: The First Avenger" actor's photographs were taken in 2020 and 2013. To add more fuel to the fire, Evans reportedly followed the 29-year-old actress's Instagram account.

This made her one of the only 162 people he followed on the said platform, Seventeen reported. So, does it mean something special is happening between them?

Gomez has yet to follow him back and with her about 267 million followers, she may have no idea that one of them is the 40-year-old actor. Anyhow, it cannot be denied that the "Only Murders in the Building" star has a crush on Captain America himself, per Yahoo!

In her appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" in 2015, Gomez revealed she "kind of had a crush" on Evans. "Isn't he cute? He's very cute," she said.

Cohen then teased her guest, saying Evans' brother, Scott Evans, served as a bartender on the show. It seemed to make Gomez excited, asking if it was true and when did it happen.

As it seemed to coincide with her guesting, she blurted out that it might be meant to be? So, are Gomez and Evans are together?

Her crush on him is not enough evidence to prove that they are in a relationship. It also happened six years ago and there is no way that she might have predicted their romance.

E! News added there are rumors Evans and Gomez are working on a new movie and this might be a way to promote the film. However, there are no words yet if they will indeed work on a new flick or it is just another made-up story. As of this writing, they are also yet to address the dating rumors.