Fans are now looking forward to seeing what will be Granolah's next move in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77 after learning the Sayains have saved him before. Will he give up his revenge and be an ally of Goku and Vegeta?

Granolah is shocked after Monaito revealed that Bardock, Goku's father, saved his home of Cerelian. Now, it is up to him to continue his fight against Goku and Vegeta or stop in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77.

As Monaito made a big reveal, Goku would also learn more about Bardock's past and how he was like as a Saiyan, Epic Dope noted. From here, the Heeters may try to interrupt when the three, Goku, Vegeta and Granolah, start to get along.

It has been known that the Heeters set the two Saiyans up and tried to influence Granolah to fight them. So, Vegeta and Goku may finally learn the family's real intention in making them fight each other.

Thankfully, the franchise gives fans a glimpse of what will happen next by dropping a draft of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77. The teaser comes from the franchise's official website and it shows a sketch of the Great Apes.

Comicbook cited that the image seemed to go back in time to show what really happened when the Saiyan race reached Planet Cereal. Here, Bardock saved Granolah's life as the Great Apes wreaked havoc on the planet.

A young Monaito is also seen on the draft with a frightening look on his face. An unknown Cerelian is in front of him and the Namekia reveals the villains came up from nowhere.

Earlier, the manga shows Granolah hiding inside his home with his mom protecting him. Bardock's Great Ape corners the house and this may be the time the family has died, except for Granolah.

However, things changed when Monaito told the truth and revealed the Saiyans saved the Strongest Warrior in the Universe when he was young. From here, "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77 may show what really happened.

Monaito has a lot of explaining to do and fans may finally see more of Bardock. It has been a while since the manga featured Goku's father, so this is surely a must-see.

Will this end the fight between the Saiyans and Granolah? What will the Heeters do this time? Find out when "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77 drops on Wednesday, Oct. 20.