DJ Snake has dropped a short teaser for his upcoming collaboration song with Megan Thee Stallion, Ozuna and the BLACKPINK member Lisa. With the success of the latter's solo album, "LALISA," she is now continuously dominating even the international music scene.

Several K-pop idols have been collaborating with international music artists. After BTS works with Coldplay for the song "My Universe," Lisa will enter the global music market again.

In an interview at the MTV Awards, Puerto Rican singer Ozuna earlier revealed that the Thai rapper would be featured in his new single, AllKpop noted. He, then, detailed that several other artists would be part of it.

Now, DJ Snake shared a short teaser of what seemed to be the song's music video. Though the clip did not show the artists, four parked vehicles were revealed and it showed the names of Ozuna, Lisa, Megan and the DJ himself.

Though there were no details revealed about the track, fans could not help but give their assumptions about it. Remezcla noted there are theories that the song would be called "SXY GRL" given that the other car had this name on its plate.

Some said this title would be perfectly fit the untitled track, considering Lisa and Megan are part of it. Also, as DJ Snake also wrote the caption "coming soon" about its release, some assume it will be out on Oct. 22.

Others are even posting some snippets of the song on Twitter. Though no one knows how its music will be like, some say it will be a bit hit.

Meanwhile, Ozuna has been giving fans little teasers about his upcoming collaboration with Lisa, Megan and DJ Snake, per Billboard. He just dropped his new single, "La Funka," at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards and now, he would again give fans a big treat. "It's coming up next," he said.

On Sept. 30, he said the song was already 97% complete. He even wrote. "BKP + MTS + SNK + [teddy bear emoji]" on Twitter, which seemed to refer to his collaborators.

However, back then, fans were wondering if Ozuna's new song would feature all the BLACKPINK members, like Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé aside from Lisa, given that he tweeted BKP. Anyhow, this would not be the first time he would be collaborating with DJ Snake after they worked together on the hit 2018 song "Taki Taki," featuring Selena Gomez and Cardi B.