BLACKPINK's Lisa recently talked about releasing her new song, "Money," as part of her solo album, "LALISA." As she discussed a lot of things about her solo debut, she also shared the close friendship she had with fellow K-pop group iKON.

In an interview with TeenVogue Magazine, Lisa revealed her closeness with iKON. Fans know the close bond these two K-pop groups have and the Thai rapper tells more about their tie.

AllKpop noted the two recently performed together at the Mnet idol survival show, "Kingdom: Legendary War." On its eighth episode, Lisa and iKON performed a remix of the BLACKPINK's song, "Pretty Savage," giving it the title of "Classy Savage."

In the interview, the 24-year-old singer revealed that she wanted to perform with them when she learned the six-member group would appear on the show. She even admitted that she was rooting for these K-pop idols.

Lisa heard they would cover her group song and she was glad that they were able to do it together. "The performance came out really nice," she said.

As expected, fans were in awe to see their favorite K-pop star showing her affection toward iKON. Some said that the boy group even treated her like a princess and called her "Queen of the Stage."

Meanwhile, it cannot be denied that Lisa is now one of the world's biggest Asian stars, per The South China Morning Post. She manages to make a big name for herself, thanks to her incredible talent and now, she is about to drop "LALISA" B-side song, "Money."

At first, she could not believe everything happening in her career was real until she started filming the music video. Her solo debut occurred on Sept. 10 after BLACKPINK celebrated its fifth anniversary.

While Jennie's "Solo" was about independence and Rosé's "On the Ground" was to show a creative ambition, Lisa's "LALISA" dealt with self-love. A mix of her confidence, spitfire vocals and charm made her the charismatic pop star on the center stage.

Amid their solo debuts, Lisa revealed she was happy when she saw other BLACKPINK members preparing for their solo projects before her. Now that her time had come, they were all congratulating her.

Jennie and Rosé did their bests for their solo albums, so Lisa knew that she also had to give her fullest. "Because I had to fill the album with my voice only, my first goal was to show my own color, uniqueness," she said.