Fans are about to know more about BLACKPINK's Lisa after revealing more about herself in a "GOAT Talk." In a five-minute interview, the "LALISA" hitmaker talked about her "Greatest of All Time," like favorite color, things and more.

Lisa has been breaking and making new records, which boosts the growing interest in her. Thanks to the success of her solo album, "LALISA," the BLACKPINK member is enjoying her newfound fame.

AllKpop noted all the favorites things the Thai rapper enjoys, like her often used Rock On emoji, while her must-have when traveling is her phone. She explained that she would always feel safe with her phone on hand even if she could not speak the country's language.

The 24-year-old K-pop star added that her favorite color is Baby Yellow and she liked anything in this hue. In fact, her favorite flower is a sunflower because of its color.

Of course, Lisa also revealed her favorite when it comes to BLACKPINK. Her most-like dance steps are from "DDU-DU DDU-DU" because it is easy to follow.

She even shared trivia about its choreography, saying what fans saw in the music video was not the song's original dance steps. Teddy Oh asked them if they wanted to change the choreograph when the production was about to begin.

Aside from Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé all agreed and changed it to the dance steps fans knew today. Meanwhile, talking about the success of "LALISA," the K-pop idol told Teen Vogue in an email she wanted everyone to see who she is through her first solo album.

She said the album's name was full of confidence, the same thing she often told her fans. "Always be confident," she said. Lisa is now taking the world by storm with her latest music and not just that.

It has now taken the official Guinness World Record title for the most viewed music video on YouTube by a solo artist in 24 hours with 73.6 million views, per Hybe Beast. Taylor Swift used to hold this record with her 2019 hit "Me!" with 65.2 million views within the 24-hour time period.

Rosé also set a YouTube record for the most-viewed music video by a solo K-pop star earlier this year with her song "On the Ground" from her solo album, "R." With this success, two BLACKPINK members, Rosé and Lisa, will be part of the Guinness World Records 2022 book and official social media accounts.