BTS's Jungkook has received another prestigious title from the media, thanks to his incredible dancing, singing and rapping skills. He gets the name of 'Triple Threat' and it is easy to see why.

With his great vocals and unquestionable talent in dancing and rapping, Jungkook can effortlessly do anything that a performer must do. His being a complete package makes him truly one of a kind, earning him different names, titles, and even heaps of praise from fellow artists and music magazines.

Aside from the things mentioned above, the Golden Maknae also has skills in composing, producing and playing musical instruments, like a guitar and drums. When it comes to performing, he always gives his 100%.

He can also direct, take photos, paint, sketch, box, do any sports and more, AllKpop noted. It looks like there is nothing that the 24-year-old K-pop star cannot do.

As expected, fans have nothing but good words for Jungkook's new title. Some said the "Triple Threat" title perfectly fits him as he is a natural when it comes to the said three fields of performing. Others added it is a "very rare quality" for any artist and performer.

Even Coldplay's vocalist Chris Martin is impressed by the BTS member. He is not afraid to let others know his admiration for the K-pop idol when he heard him sing his lines for their collaboration song "My Universe" in the studio.

He even asked the translators to tell Jungkook that he did a "fantastic job." In addition, fans and netizens worldwide even raved on his vocals when their new song dropped.

They described it as "dreamlike and ethereal." With these traits, it looks like Jungkook has become Martin's instant bias.

If these are not yet enough, even Rolling Stone Magazine praised Jungkook for being "The Youthful Standout" of BTS's Billboard No. 1 hit single, "Dynamite," as part of its "500 Greatest Songs in History" article. This is not the first time that the spread praised the youngest member of the K-pop group, though.

It has paid him a lot of compliments in the past. It called him one of the legitimately finest performers of this generation.

Although all from the group "show off," it claimed Jungkook always takes the spotlight. It even added he was born a pop star. By the looks of it, just like others, international artists and fans alike are in awe of the BTS singer's powerful vocals and performance.