Shin Min-ah seems to have got dragged into her fellow "Hometown Cha Cha Cha" co-star Kim Seon-ho's scandal. As some believe the 35-year-old actor is the mysterious "Actor K," who forced his girlfriend to have an abortion, her interview gets canceled.

Shin Min-ah was supposed to have a video interview on Tuesday, Oct. 19, regarding the ending of her tvN drama "Hometown Cha Cha Cha." However, with the issues Kim Seon-ho is facing today, it has to be postponed.

The 37-year-old actress' agency, AM Entertainment, told the media outlets that its artist's interview needed to be suspended due to the company's "internal situations," AllKpop noted. It, then, apologized for the sudden changed of schedule and promised to give an update on when the conference would push through.

However, AM Entertainment did not detail the internal situation it mentioned that caused the interview's delay. But, many could not help but assume it had something to do with the rumors surrounding Kim Seon-ho.

As these two had worked together for the hit tvN series, "Hometown Cha Cha Cha," there would surely be questions about the actor. So, Shin Min-ah might find it hard to avoid answering queries about him.

For starters, the issue about the "Start-Up" star began when an anonymous netizen, using the name A, started a discussion on Nate Pann, detailing the mysterious Actor K's "two-faced and shameless true nature." She revealed she used to date the actor, but they broke up about four months ago, per Soompi.

She even called him "a piece of trash" without conscience and guilt. A, then, exposed that she was pregnant with Actor K's child, but he forced her to have an abortion in exchange for marriage.

She continued the he wanted her to sacrifice their child as he was still working on a project and he was a star. The unidentified woman revealed she was now going through severe psychological and physical trauma after what happened.

A continued her tirades and accusations against Actor K, saying he had a difficult upbringing and had a tremendous obsession with money and success to the point that he was taking everyone around him for granted. Even after they broke up, he seemed not to have any remorse or even apologize.

A continued that she had evidence to prove her claims, but she opted not to post any photos due to legal concerns. After this post went viral, many assumed Actor K was Kim Seon-ho. With that said, his agency, Salt Entertainment, issued an official statement about the issue, saying it is now checking the post's "factual grounds."