Kate Middleton once again dazzled everyone with her ethereal beauty at the recent Earthshot Prize Awards. Together with her husband, Prince William, she graced the green carpet, catching the attention of many, including that of an eyebrow expert from Laura Kay London.

Some could not help but question Middleton's appearance with her perfect look, with eyebrow expert Laura Kay saying she might have undergone a cosmetic procedure. So, is there any truth about it?

Fashion and beauty experts alike dissected the Duchess of Cambridge's look for the event. At the time, she donned a 10-year-old Alexander McQueen dress, stunning accessories and lovely curls.

It could not be denied that the future queen consort was a showstopper. All eyes were probably on her at the time, but Kay seemed to be analyzing her eyebrows.

Paired with her age-defying makeup, she believed Middleton might have tried out the cosmetic procedure called microblading. Sure, her pink rosy blush, cheekbones contour and smokey eyes complimented her look for the night.

But what more noticeable was her dark statement brows, Express noted. Kay claimed the mother-of-three's eyebrows were naturally thin, but it looked full and bushy at the event, with visible fine hair strokes to the outer edges.

So, Kay believed she might have opted for microblading to enhance its appearance. She even added Middleton might have filled out her brows more by smudging through the center in an outward motion to give it an ombre effect.

This gives her brows high definition that is now becoming her signature style. Anyhow, Middleton is yet to confirm if she has undergone this procedure, so fans should only take this assumption with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Middleton has been accused of undergoing a beauty procedure. In 2019, rumors started to emerge that Prince William's wife got baby Botox after a plastic surgeon claimed it in a post on social media, per Harper's Bazaar.

British Dr. Medi Spa clinic chief medical officer Munir Somji posted alleged before-and-after photos of Middleton on Instagram, alluding she had baby Botox. He even pointed out the supposed evidence of the procedure, pointing on her "refined forehead lines and elevated lateral tail of the brow."

As the rumors quickly spread, a palace representative shut down the claim and said in a statement to The New York Post that it was "categorically not true." "The Royal Family never endorse commercial activity," it said.