Brazilian senators are expected to vote on a recommendation for the indictment of President Jair Bolsonaro over his alleged mishandling of the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The draft report of a Senate committee investigation recommended that Bolsonaro should be indicted on at least 11 charges, including inciting crime, homicide, and genocide.

Some members of the committee have opposed the inclusion of genocide and homicide charges against Bolsonaro. They are trying to convince their peers to join in opposing the specific charges.

It was not clear if the recommendations would lead to any charges against Bolsonaro, who has denied any wrongdoing. Bolsonaro claimed that the investigation is being used by his opponents as a political instrument aimed at destroying him.

Bolsonaro has been criticized for his insistence on downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, which he has referred to repeatedly as a "joke." He has also promoted unproven treatments that could be used against the virus.

A congressional committee investigating Brazil's handling of the COVID-19 outbreak has accused Bolsonaro of causing the deaths of thousands of people through his actions.

The document must be approved by the committee before it can be sent to the office of Brazil's prosecutor-general, which would then decide whether to pursue charges.

The report, which was submitted to the Office of the Public Prosecutor last week, is expected to fuel further criticism of the president. It could also fuel anti-government protests in the country.

The draft report shows that the government intentionally exposed the public to a mass infection risk through its pursuit of herd immunity. Even during the height of the pandemic, Bolsonaro opposed social distancing measures, which he claimed would worsen the suffering of the poor.

Bolsonaro continued to defend the use of hydroxychloroquine despite scientific evidence showing that it was not effective in treating COVID-19. The committee noted that the government acted in a non-technical manner in handling the situation.

Senator Calheiros recently recommended that the International Criminal Court investigate Bolsonaro and his handling of the country's pandemic response. Calheiros claimed that due to his actions, Bolsonaro may be guilty of genocide.

While some senators have been less opposed to recommending the indictment of Bolsonaro, others are worried about how the prosecutors would interpret the evidence.

The draft report also calls for charges against several former and current officials of Bolsonaro's government, including some of his allies and former aides.