Dispatch released an article that detailed Kim Seon-ho and his former girlfriend's relationship from the time they started dating to their breakup. It even named A, the woman behind the controversial revelation, Choi Young-ah.

Titled "Kim Seon-ho...and the 12 ignored truths," it claimed Kim Seon-ho and Choi Young-ah met at a gathering in 2019. They, then, started dating in March 2020, but she only later revealed to him that she was divorced.

AllKpop noted when the "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" star caught Young-ah lying to him, she sent a lengthy text message to apologize. Dispatch, then, revealed a text message between the actor and his acquaintance when he learned that she was a divorcee.

Though the K-drama star was surprised, he chose to continue their relationship because "she was someone he liked." He knew there might be an issue about it with his parents, but being a divorcee did not change his feelings for her.

Dispatch further claimed that the reason Kim Seon-ho decided to end his romance with her was because of her continuous lies. The publication even unveiled another set of text messages to prove the claim, revealing he once again caught her lying when she went to a place where there were men that she pretended she never visited.

Despite that, though, the "Start-Up" star, reportedly, forgave her and they continued their romance. Come July 24, 2020, Young-ah was confirmed to be pregnant and called her boyfriend, crying.

In her post, she claimed Kim Seon-ho responded badly, but in the text messages, he said it was a "blessing." He even cooked seaweed soup and stayed by her side for two weeks.

In addition, Choi Young-ah's alleged friend revealed Kim Seon-ho introduced her to his parents after her abortion, ate a meal together and even slept over. He even adopted a Shiba Inu so that she would not feel lonely after what happened.

Dispatch also revealed that Kim Seon-ho admitted he was Actor K because she used to be the person he loved and it was true they aborted their child. It also added that he tried to be understanding and have a normal relationship.

Meanwhile, talking about his alleged girlfriend, Young-ah is said to have worked with some of the most renowned news channels as a weather forecaster. OtakuKart cited her name became one of the most searched terms on different sites worldwide after the controversy began.

With that said, she turned her social media pages from public to private. There is also no confirmation that A, who revealed the abortion scandal, was Young-ah.

So, A now works with her legal team to deal with the controversy and her attorneys, Lee Dong Hoon and Jung Da Eun, from Best Way law firm, issued a public notice about leaking her personal information. They also ask the reporters to stop investigating and meddling with the life of Kim Seon-ho's ex-girlfriend as they warn to take legal actions against any malicious reports, posts or even comments against her.