Kim Seon-ho is still in the headlines after admitting to being the man behind Actor K, who forced his ex-girlfriend to abort their child. As the "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" star remains a hot topic, his last interview about the need to quit a job he loves now gains traction.

Arena Homme Plus November issue shared the photos and official interview with Kim Seon-ho on Oct. 23 on its official website. It was the last conference the 35-year-old actor had before he got involved in a big controversy.

Here, he was asked how he thought someone could quit a job that he liked after things did not work out. The "Start-Up" star believed he did not have the right to tell anyone to endure but personally, he would let himself "struggle to the fullest," per AllKpop.

He was confident that he could overcome that situation and enjoy his job again. He even revealed that when he had a hard time, he would walk for three or four hours to suffer alone, re-read his script and look for the reasons that he was not doing well.

Now that Kim Seon-ho remembered his earlier days at work, he said it was the most passionate moment in his life. He added one could not say he was not hurt or could not make it.

No one could hide himself away and everyone had to face their pains and shortcomings "cool-headedly." "Time will pass, and good days will come too," he ended his interview. "Because it's not only the bad days that come."

Meanwhile, amid the K-drama star's controversy, he has already withdrawn from his projects. Times of India even noted he was removed from some of his films, a show and commercial promotions and advertisements.

Though Kim Seon-ho already apologized for his "inconsiderate actions" and admitted his wrongdoing, it was still not enough to gain everyone's trust once again. Anyhow, his fans questioned these advertisers' move, saying they quickly acted without confirming anything yet.

However, one brand representative revealed no promotions were taken down just because of the Actor K controversy. In fact, it, reportedly, had something to do with his professionalism and maturity.

A source told Sports Chosun they tried to get in touch with him and his agency when the scandal broke but to no avail. The insider revealed they initially wanted to work this out with Kim Seon-ho, but he, allegedly, "ghosted" them, too, resulting in cutting ties with him.

A different brand representative also called the actor "unreliable," adding that he only had little care for his responsibilities that made it impossible to work with him. Business insiders revealed this ordeal would dramatically affect Kim Seon-ho's brand value.