Itadori seems to have a new ally in Higuruma. As the public defense lawyer has now given his points to Itadori, fans are about to see how the latter will use it in "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 167.

Itadori wins the fight against Higuruma, as the latter seems to come to the sorcerer's defense in the previous chapter. From a villain, it looks like Higuruma will become one of the heroes in "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 167.

The introduction of Higuruma and his turning into an ally gives Itadori a new hope. Higuruma has withdrawn his cursed technique so that Itadori can live.

As these two have a lot in common, can they be close allies in the next chapter? Recent Highlights noted they both started as a sorcerer and have a deep sense of justice within them.

So, fans have to wait and see if these two will work together in "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 167. In fact, the previous chapter's finale had hinted at their team-up.

If this happens, readers need to see how things will unfold. Twitter user Ducky drops the official preview of the next installment and it seems to be a cryptic post. "That weakness is the lamp that illuminates the darkness," it reads.

Meanwhile, in "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 166, Yoshizawa asked Higuruma if he wanted to be a public prosecutor, defense lawyer or try to be a judge. The scene, then, shifted to Judgeman, who found Itadori guilty of killing the people in Shibuya, per IBTimes.

He delivered his punishment and sentenced him the death penalty with confiscation. As Higuruma unleashed his Executioner's Sword, he realized it was a harsh punishment.

The confiscation meant Itadori could no longer use his cursed energy and Higuruma could easily cut him. Despite the loss of his cursed power, the protagonist prepared to fight Higuruma.

The fight between the two continued, making Higuruma realize how powerful Itadori was. Then, a quick flashback was revealed, showing Higuruma telling Yoshizawa he could not be a judge because he saw people as "weak and ugly."

He did not even have the ambition to be in a higher post in the legal system. Back to the present, Higuruma felt confident that Itadori did not commit any crime.

The evidence revealed Sukuna, who had overpowered Itadori's consciousness at the time, was behind the murders. At the end of the chapter, Higuruma proved Itadori was innocent and so, he decided to give him his 100 points.

So, what Itadori would do with it? Find out when "Jujutsu Kaisen" drops on Sunday, Dec. 5, after a quick hiatus.