Jeon So-min has surprised everyone with her dramatic transformation for her new drama "Show Window: The Queen's House." The South Korean star is getting everyone's attention with her new look-far different from what fans used to see.

Channel A has dropped new still cuts from "Show Window: the Queen's House" that gives everyone a glimpse of Jeon So-min's new look as Yoon Mi-ra. Here, she plays the role of another woman who will try to steal a loyal wife's husband.

AllKpop noted many were surprised to see the 35-year-old star less bubbly and playful, like her image on the variety show "Running Man." She is known for her cute personality on the SBS show, less serious than her new drama role.

Now, everyone is looking forward to seeing what she got as a dramatic actress. The series' production team teased the model had put an "exceptional performance" in showing Yoon Mi-ra's love.

So, they asked everyone to watch out for her incredible acting skills that would reveal the diverse emotions Jeon So-min had. Here, she would be at war with Shin Myeong-sub (Lee Sung-ja) for the love that they were sharing.

Meanwhile, talking about her role, the "Shall We Do It Again" star said she was fascinated by "Show Window: The Queen's House" plot and story, per Soompi. Knowing the role was different from her innocent image, she was shocked to receive the offer to play the "ruthless another woman" in the drama.

Jeon So-min admitted she did not have the chance to play the same role before, knowing the public saw her as very friendly and familiar, while her character was strong and provocative. With that said, she saw this project as an opportunity for her to broaden her roles' spectrum.

Anyhow, she could not deny that the words "shocking transformation" made her feel a little pressured but still excited at the same time. "I'll work hard to try and live up to those expectations," she promised.

She would be focusing on the "complicated, diverse and delicate" issues that surrounded her character's story and hoped that she could perfectly convey the intangible charm Yoon Mi-ra had. "Show Window: The Queen's House" is about a woman who befriends her lover's wife. The new drama will premiere on Monday, Nov. 29, at 10:30 p.m. KST on Channel A.