"The Blacklist" Season 9 is continuously going strong and there will still be a lot of revelations coming. Aside from a backstory that will tell the change of Red (James Spader) and Dembe's (Hisham Tawfiq) relationship, a significant character will also return.

"The Blacklist" Season 9 features a major two-year time jump after Elizabeth Keen's (Megan Boone) death. With that, a significant change happens as Red moves on into a different path.

It is safe to assume that other people in his syndicate have moved on as well with his move. But what about Chuck (Jonathan Holtzman)?

Chuck is an important part of Red's security team, per Cartermatt. After being away for a while, he will finally return in the new season.

Holtzman himself confirms his coming to "The Blacklist" Season 9 on his Instagram Stories, though only for an episode. Fans last saw Chuck in the previous season and it confirmed he still got communication with Red.

Now that Chuck will return, does this mean Morgan (Genson Blimline) will make a comeback, too? Well, it looks like fans have to wait and see if this happens.

Meanwhile, as the task force that involves Red is now disbanded, the new season will explore how every character's life has changed after Keen's demise. Dembe has now become an FBI agent that threatens Red's operation, resulting in a number of altercations between the two, per Screenrant.

TVLine teased there would be a flashback episode that would reveal why Dembe was not with Red anymore. Executive producer John Eisendrath revealed what happened to Dembe in the past two years would be explored.

This particular storyline would explain what happed to Dembe's relationship with Red and how he became a part of the FBI. Eisendrath said there would be an episode that would look back at Dembe's journey between the end of Season 8 and the start of Season 9.

So far, the current season has dropped five episodes since it debuted on Oct. 21. However, from a weekly episode, there will be a two-week hiatus between Episode 5 and Episode 6.

Gizmo Story explained the show's creators take a break between the first five episodes and the rest. There are theories the hiatus is because of thanksgiving and the succeeding episodes' release will continue shortly. "The Blacklist" Season 9 Episode 6 will be out on Thursday, Dec. 9.