Former Wonder Girls' member, Sunye, appeared on "Mom is an Idol" and it caught everyone's attention, especially the netizens. After leaving the girl group, many questioned the former idol's TV comeback.

tvN guested former girl group members who now had their own families. Aside from Sunye, the network also featured former After School member Kahi and Jewelry's Park Jung-ah.

Sure, this particular episode caught everyone's interest, but the comments mostly focused on the missionary's guesting, AllKpop noted. Some fans wondered if they were the only ones who could not understand the 32-year-old star's appearance on the show.

Another asked why tvN would choose to guest someone who had left her group. A different fan also asked if Sunye had already apologized to her former group members, calling her "selfish."

Another one chimed in and explained that though the three were great singers, it could still not understand Sunye's part in it. Sure, she had the freedom to get married and many supported her happiness. But there was a reason why fans got mad at her after her departure.

All the comments about Wonder Girls were full of hate and negativity. She became inactive in the entertainment business after getting pregnant twice and creating major problems with the group's contract.

But the hate toward Sunye dramatically increased when she returned to the industry, per KBI Zoom. In August 2018, she surprised everyone when she re-signed a contract after officially retiring.

At the time, it looked like she did not get any support from her fans after the hate she received when she suddenly left her girl group. Many believed she suddenly changed after she started dating and eventually got married.

In fact, she was the first person to get married while remaining active as an idol. However, this resulted in criticisms and many asked her to leave the group for being irresponsible.

This led to the Wonder Girls taking a lengthy hiatus and many started to hate her. She, then, gave birth to two kids in Canada before she officially announced her retirement in 2015.

Anyhow, after three years, she returned to the business with an appearance on JTBC's "The Stranger." In an interview, she revealed she had to make a comeback for her needs, despite causing big damage to Wonder Girls and increasing the negative comments about her. At the time, Sunye signed with Polaris Entertainment that marked her official return in the industry.