Prince William and Kate Middleton have been together for about 17 years and married for a decade. As many see they have a strong relationship, it may never happen without their fair share of challenging moments.

In 2007, when Prince William and Kate broke up, a report emerged that the Duchess of Cambridge gave her then-boyfriend an "ultimatum" over his "shocking lifestyle habits." At the time, the Duke of Cambridge was said to be photographed dancing on a podium with another woman.

This event happened about a couple of days after seeing him at a nightclub. With these outings, the future queen consort told his then-future husband that he was "making her look bad," a source told Express.

Knowing his guy is a prince, the young Kate tried her best to cope with the fact that girls would usually fling themselves at him. This happened for years that she already got used to it and only found it "humorous" and sometimes "flattering."

However, with his caught behavior, it looked like she was left with no choice but to give him an ultimatum. Every time Prince William behaved that way in public, he made her and even his own image cheap.

Kate also told him that she was not prepared to be treated like a doormat and his carefree behavior hurt her image. Though she used to let these things pass back then, it started to bother her during that time.

Geo TV added that the Middleton family's friend admitted the something snapped in the now-mother-of-three that she issued him a warning. She, reportedly, felt irritated after hearing him flirting in Bournemouth and dancing with a blonde girl at Boujis.

With these things said, it might be safe to assume that Kate and William had a tough 2007. News broke that the future king dumped his then-girlfriend through a phone call while at work.

In his book "Battle of Brothers" Robert Lacey even said that the then-25-year-old Kate had to excuse herself from a meeting to go to a room without their clients. She closed the door for about an hour or so and when she came out, she was already single.

During the start of their dating years, Prince William, reportedly, found it difficult after a number of women from his circle would usually turn him down flat. "They could suss out the truth about where his heart lay, even if he himself could not," Lacey said, per Yahoo! News. Despite that, though, Kate and William said in a 2010 interview that their past breakup only made them stronger as a couple.