Marvel's "Hawkeye" stars Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfield are breaking the headlines these past few weeks. With the positive reviews that the Disney+ series continues to receive, its leads have seemingly taken the spotlight.

But, apart from the praises and compliments, allegations and speculations have, also, emerged. Recently, insiders claimed that Renner is "crushing" on his co-star.

National Enquirer reported that the informants maintained these assertions, saying he may even ask Steifield out. As emphasized, the "Avengers" actor was on his "best behavior" when the much-younger actress was around.

Alongside giving advice and tips, Jeremy Renner reportedly lent a hand, while being charming and a gentleman, as well, to Hailee Steinfield. He "hovered around her constantly" and shared stories and jokes that made her laugh.

But, despite doing these things, the 50-year-old actor is said to be "holding back" because of the age gap between him and Steinfield.

Sources claimed that while he dates younger women, the "Pitch Perfect 2" star, who just turned 25 years old over the weekend, is "a bit young for him." Even so, they seemingly believe that Renner may still give it a try.

As for the "Most Girls" artist, the same insiders warned that she may likely "politely decline" the actor's move, whatever it may be. Although she is said to be single, at the moment, she only reportedly likes the actor "as a friend and co-star.

Whatever the case, however, it remains unclear whether Jeremy Renner is, indeed, "crushing" on Hailee Steinfield. No confirmation has emerged, and there is seemingly no evidence, as well, to prove the assertions.

The claims appeared to have surfaced following the "Love Myself" singer's interview with NME in November. She told the publication that the MCU actor became a "source of calming within the madness."

Steinfield, also, revealed that it was "fun" working with Renner, adding that she had an "ally in him from day one." She, then, pointed out that she would look to him, at times, "for guidance" amid doing the Marvel project.

Meanwhile, the "Wind River" actor appeared to be embroiled in a controversy, involving his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco. Earlier last month, he brushed off his former partner's "damning" allegations that he once threatened to kill her, according to Page Six.

He dismissed the claims in an interview with Men's Health, saying he does not "respond publicly or privately to nonsense." He explained that "it only empowers it," as responding to it only gives it gas.