There is still no sign of the highly awaited fourth stimulus check. However, eligible Americans can expect the $8,000 Child and Dependent Tax Credit. Some also can apply for a $1,400 stimulus checkThey should also watch out for the $2,000 online petition which is ending soon.

Earlier this month, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officially distributed the sixth round of direct payments for the expanded Child Tax Credit. This serves as the final batch for the program, which worries a lot of families who are reliant on financial aid.

Fortunately, there are other available programs that can credit a few hundred dollars to eligible Americans. These are the Child and Dependent Tax Credit and the fourth stimulus check petition.

Child and Dependent Care Credit Up To $8000

Unlike the stimulus payments, which are automatically credited to a taxpayer's account, Americans have to apply for the Child and Dependent Tax Credit to receive the payment. This is a program that could provide financial support worth up to $8,000 in 2022.

Note, however, that there are eligibility requirements for the program. An applicant must have:

  • An adjusted gross income of less than $125,000.
  • At least two children not older than 13 years of age.

It should be emphasized that the Child and Dependent Tax Credit is financial aid with the purpose to assist families in providing care and support for their children. It should only be used to cover expenses like babysitters, transportation, housekeepers, day camps or daycare and school bills.

Americans who are interested in the programs should submit Form 2441 to the IRS. More details about the program can be found on this website.

$1,400 stimulus check deadline looms

In 2022, there will no longer be any monthly Child Tax Credit payments. However, individuals will be able to claim a stimulus-related tax break as early as next month when they file their federal tax return. In that regard, the IRS is preparing a large mailing of letters that you'll need to employ.

In addition, the IRS is rushing to complete the final mailing of a certain type of stimulus check. A plus-up payment is what it's called, and the remaining ones will be sent out before the end of the week.

Per BGR, eligible taxpayers can receive up to $1,400 through this program. It is even better because they don't have to go out of their way to receive it. The IRS is automatically determining people's eligibility and issuing checks.

These are "supplemental payments for taxpayers who received payments based on their 2019 tax returns but are qualified for a new or bigger payment based on their newly submitted 2020 tax returns," according to the IRS. Importantly, the IRS must get these payments out the door by December 31. If you're awaiting a payment, you may also check the status of it here.

The IRS will explain everything in a letter called Letter 6475 that will be sent out soon. Keep that letter because you'll want to double-check the information on it against the information on your next federal tax return.

Those who received a stimulus check the prior year will receive plus-up payments in 2019, according to their 2019 tax returns or Social Security Administration information. According to, you will make less money in 2020 than you did in 2019.

Apart from that, the IRS has stated that non-filers will be obliged to submit a 2020 tax return and claim all of their qualifying dependents. Individuals earning $72,000 or less per year are eligible to file under their Free File Program, according to The East County Gazette.

To be considered for the said program, you must file your 2020 tax return, which the IRS will process and credit the additional stimulus to any eligible dependents. The project must be completed by December 31, 2021.

What does it take to get a $1,400 stimulus check next year?

New parents may have lost out on dependent stimulus checks in 2021, but they will be eligible for the $1,400 stimulus checks and the enhanced Child Tax Credit payment in the coming year. The American Rescue Plan provided compensation to parents for dependents which amounted to $1,400 per child.

When the American Rescue Plan was adopted, however, some couples had not yet welcomed their newborn. Eligible families must file their 2021 tax returns the following year. Once the tax return is filed, they will receive their stimulus payment.

Those parents will be able to claim their new dependent when filing their taxes in 2021. It's worth noting that there's no limit to the number of additional dependents that may be claimed so parents who have more than one child will be eligible for several payments. In 2020, there were over 3.6 million births, and the figure is likely to be similar this year, as per The Sun.

Fourth Stimulus Check Online Petition

Although the child care programs are a huge boost to the economy, some Americans are still requesting for a fourth stimulus check. They emphasize that this financial aid is crucial to fight against economic inflation due to the pandemic.

Stephanie Bonin explained these problems in her online petition for $2,000 monthly payments for the duration of the pandemic. She said "Our country is still deeply struggling. The recovery hasn't reached many Americans - the true unemployment rate for low-wage workers is estimated at over 20% and many people face large debts from last year for things like utilities, rent, and child care."

Bonin emphasized that recurring and reliable payments are necessary for Americans. A program like this can help cut their expenses and even provide a budget for groceries and other necessities.

Many others supported Bonin's online petition. At the time of writing, it has already reached 2,993,589 signatures out of its 3 million goal. The petition is less than 7,000 signatures away from completion!

Unfortunately, Congress and lawmakers have yet to acknowledge this online petition. It is hard to determine whether this petition would be enough to convince them to approve another stimulus program. Supporters are advised to watch out for updates in the coming days.