BTS does not only take the world by storm, but the street murals, too. After Delhi, India, unveiled the group's artwork on the Pacific Mall NSP's wall, Kim Taehyung's, aka V, panorama mural on the wall of Daegu's Daeseong Elementary School has become a tourist attraction.

YTN News, a 24-hour Korean News channel, revealed V would become the latest Daegu tourist attraction for the next two years. The mural in question is a 2-meter high, 33-meter long panorama mural on the outer wall of the 26-year-old star's alma mater.

Opposite Daleong Park, the work of art features 11 of his solo and self-composed songs, AllKpop noted. It also comes with the background design of his favorite phrase, "I Purple You," and Van Gogh's famous iconic painting, "Starry Night."

The Chinese fan club China Baidu VBar handled this project as a gift for V's birthday on Dec. 30. They even consulted with HYBE, Daegu Daesung Elementary School and the country's local government for approval.

Eun Gwihyang, the school's principal, quickly agreed to have the educational institution bore the artwork. He described V as a "world-class singer" and could help the students continuously dream big and hope for more good things in life whenever they see this project.

Alternatively, Han Mihyang, Daegu Seo-gu head of Culture & Promotion Division, who also gave his approval for the project, revealed V often visited Seomun Market, the oldest traditional market in Daegu, when he was young.

It was only across the street from Dalseong Park, giving their place a perfect opportunity to promote the region and become a tourist spot. Fans can visit this place until the mural last in 2023.

Meanwhile, the ARMY's love for BTS also grows in India, aside from South Korea. To show the country's massive support for the group, it featured a gigantic mural of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook on the wall of Pacific Mall NSP.

Delhi Street Art, a group of young public artists, was responsible for making the mural, quickly making its way to the different social media sites. In fact, BTS themselves posted it on Instagram.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Yogesh Saini, Delhi Street Art founder, revealed that fans worldwide had shown love for the mural. Talking about its process, he said the mall wanted to feature an "iconic musician" on its wall and they came up with the idea to feature BTS. After a week and a team of six to eight artists, the mural is done and has been loved by many ever since.