Kate Middleton officially became a British Royal when she married Prince William in 2011. She received the title, Duchess of Cambridge, and will obtain the "Queen Consort" peerage in the future.

But, despite living the royal life for a decade now, an insider once unveiled that the popular senior royal has always wanted to live a "quiet life," particularly in the countryside. Good To Know released a report on the matter, detailing what the source had to say.

As noted, the informant is reportedly a family friend of the U.K. princess. Expert Emily Andrews shared that the anonymous insider spilled the details to her in the past.

Kate Middleton allegedly wanted a "house in the countryside," along with "loads of kids, dogs, and an AGA." The tipster continued that she had no interest in becoming famous or having a big job, like she is and has today.

Andrews, later on, emphasized that "family life is incredibly important" to the future Queen Consort, and "motherhood has been the making of her." But, considering that she has already achieved these things, there is now "time to turn to her public role," as well as to the things she wants to achieve there.

People previously released a similar report, stating that a source "close to the royal household" revealed the life Kate Middleton prefers. Like Queen Elizabeth II, she reportedly wants to live a country life more than city life.

The same insider added that there would not be much of a difference even if she married a banker. She would still allegedly choose to become a "country mom and be in town occasionally."

As for her day-to-day lifestyle at home, the source claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is "very chilled" whether she is at Kensington Palace or Anmer Hall. There is "no airs and graces," adding that it is a "normal, busy family home with kids running around" and even knocking things over.

These things likely explain why she "was not prepared for royal life" as experts were saying. Insider reported that royal biographer Andrew Morton made the assertion, noting that Kate Middleton faced the same struggles as Meghan Markle.

In one of his previous engagements, the expert pointed out that becoming a member of the British Royal Family does not entail a special training. "It is not like there is a school for princesses," adding that one has to "learn it at the knee" and from experience.

While the Duchess of Cambridge knew what was expected of her, nobody could prepare her "for the level of intensity" and interest in her.