Meghan Markle no longer has to follow royal protocols or rules. Since leaving her position as a working royal, she has spent her time as a private citizen in the United States.

While she and Prince Harry make appearances, they now step out as media producers and entrepreneurs. But, Express UK said that these are not the only changes that have become apparent in the last few months.

As reported, the Duchess of Sussex's wardrobe has, also, manifested changes, seemingly adapting to her new life outside the British Monarchy. An expert asserted that she now dresses like a "young billionaire."

Fashion writer Eloise Moran shared some of her observations in one of the recent episodes of the "Royally Us" podcast. She stated there is a "relief" on Meghan Markle in terms of her clothing choices.

The Duchess of Sussex is said to have "ditched" the royal fashion, which includes covering up certain things and following specific hemline lengths. It has "definitely evolved," adding that she now has got the "California Montecito rich mom" thing going on in the United States.

Moran, later on, pointed out that the former "Suits" actress displayed the "succession style" or "mogul style." It is, for her, a "very young billionaire outfit.

But, while Meghan Markle may have, indeed, changed her style, Elle previously reported that she was "doing her own thing" even as a working member of the British Royal Family. As noted, she broke some fashion rules within the British Monarchy in the past.

Some of these include wearing neutral nail polish, donning stockings, and choosing dresses more than suits. She, also, at times, appeared to have disregarded the protocols in using black-colored sartorial pieces, favoring British designers, and opting to wear neutral clothing items in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is worth noting, however, that Meghan Markle is not the only one who broke some royal rules in terms of fashion choices. As it happened, some other members of the British Royal Family, like Kate Middleton, also, have, at times, set aside conforming strictly to the protocols.

Meanwhile, these are only some of the well-known fashion rules within the British Monarchy. Cosmopolitan previously released a list of the other measures and guidelines that British Royals have to follow when it comes to their sartorial pieces.

To name a few, female members of the family have to wear dresses that come with weighted hems. This is to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, especially in public settings.

They should reportedly avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily, as well. As for coats, the royals should not take them off in public.

Their hair must appear neat and natural, at all times, and the same applies to their make-up.