Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently made their first red carpet appearance. Following the outing, reports believe they have received various invites for big events, like the Oscars.

The couple, reportedly, plans to attend these engagements, including the 94th Academy Awards in March 2022. A source told OK! magazine, however, the Duke of Sussex is "worried" that he may bump into Kristen Stewart.

The "Twilight" actress won the hearts and captured the attention of the public when she played the role of Princess Diana in "Spencer." It is said that her "dark, disturbing portrayal" of the late royal "struck a sour note" with the youngest Wales prince.

The informant noted that Prince Harry is "pretty appalled" by the film, adding that running into Kristen Stewart is the last thing he wants. But, it is likely that he, alongside Meghan Markle, will come face-to-face with the actress because of her potential nomination for the Best Actress award.

The Duke of Sussex cannot, allegedly, "fake" it, and his "nerves are still raw." This is why he is thinking of skipping the attendance at the Oscars.

The insider argued, however, the Duchess of Sussex knows they can "just ignore" Stewart. She "really wants to get back into the Hollywood scene."

Several royal experts previously conceded that "Spencer," as well as the portrayal of Princess Diana in the film, would, indeed, anger Prince Harry, and even Prince William. They believed that the material would not make the royal-born Prince happy, according to Cheat Sheet.

Ingrid Seward told The Sun US earlier in October that the sons of the Princess of Wales would not like how their mother is being represented in the movie. She explained that the title's depiction of the late royal is "really cruel," adding that the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex would find it "horrible."

Penny Junor appeared to have echoed the thoughts of the other royal expert. She deemed it "unnecessarily gratuitous," and that it would be "bothersome" to the royals.

Despite all the assertions, Prince Harry though, as well as the rest of the British Royal Family, has maintained their silence about the matter. They have yet to share their thoughts about "Spencer" nor about Kristen Stewart for playing the role of Princess Diana.

So, it is unclear what their true sentiments are about the movie. The same, also, applies to the reactions toward the depiction of the Princess of Wales.

Meanwhile, "Spencer" has continued to spark talks among the public, considering its controversial nature. After its premiere on November 5 in the United States, reviews from critics have since surfaced on various platforms.