The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip passed away in April 2021. He did not reach his 100th birthday, which happened to be about two months away from the day he died.

But, while he now rests at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, he continues to make the headlines as a member of the British Royal Family. One of the most recent controversies that involve him is associated with his will.

As the public would recall, the High Court ruled in September for the late royal's will to be sealed for 90 years. Several speculations and rumors have since emerged, with some sources alleging that it is part of the Queen's husband's "revenge," according to Globe.

As claimed, Prince Philip was "furious" at some members of his family due to the scandals and feuds that threatened the British Monarchy. But, he took his revenge by cutting some of them from his will, and ordered it to remain secret for nine decades to "cover up his darkest secrets."

He allegedly left Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Harry out of his will because he "felt all three men were total failures."

Insiders maintained the narrative and stated that the Duke of Edinburgh considered the Prince of Wales a "whining wimp." While he was reportedly "disgusted" about "henpecked Harry and dive wife Meghan" exiting their posts, he, also, "washed his hands" of the controversies involving Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein.

The same informants continued that the now-secret will contains Prince Philip's other "hush-hush final wishes," as well. These are all said to have stunned the British Royals because they involve a "harem of young beauties" that he allegedly kept around him.

As explained, he left "personal bequests" to some of these "female friends," causing shock to his family. The publication even described him as a "lifelong womanizer" in telling the story. So, with these types of content, sealing the will is only fitting to protect Queen Elizabeth II from humiliation.

It is, indeed, true that the will of Prince Philip is sealed, and will remain in secret for at least 90 years. The High Court's ruling is for the protection of the "dignity and standing" of Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the British Royal Family, according to BBC.

But, as for whether the allegations are non-fiction, this remains to be seen. The supposed sources and informants did not provide any information as to how they obtained the content of the will.

It is, also, worth noting that this is not the first time that a royal will is kept secret. Reports revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh's will is locked away in the same box as the other late royals, including King Edward VIII, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret's respective wills.