The British Royal Family has had a tumultuous couple of months in 2021. But, all the accompanying burdens of the scandals and controversies seemingly fall on Queen Elizabeth II, considering that she is the head of the Royal Firm.

In addition to this, the British Monarch, also, had to face her health concerns. She previously had a health scare, which caused many tabloids to conclude that she was already confronting her "final days."

In maintaining the narrative, sources told National Enquirer that the Queen recently "summoned" blood relatives, as well as high-ranking royal officials, "for a no-nonsense summit at Sandringham." As alleged, she issued royal decrees and edicts to save the British Monarchy, ensuring its survival "long after she goes to the grave."

The same informants asserted that Queen Elizabeth II does not believe in her family being "up to the job of guiding Britain for the next 100 years." She is not allegedly certain that her heirs have the "will, skill, or character" to do things right for the monarchy.

This is why the reported "shocking" and "explosive" edicts emerged, to "bound them in shackles." Based on the publication, there are three main points included on the list.

Primarily, it involves Prince Charles' reign as the next British Monarch. Sources claimed that the Queen wants him to rule until he reaches his 80th birthday.

Upon reaching 80 years old, he will reportedly need to pass the Crown to Prince William. It is said that the British public would rather see the Cambridge Royals "breathing new modern life into the monarchy."

The second point revolves around Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. She will never be reportedly crowned "queen" because of her "disgraceful behavior" in the past, being the married mistress of the Prince of Wales.

As for the third edict, Queen Elizabeth II allegedly wants Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to be stripped off of their titles. They should be "banished forever," as well.

Despite the detailed allegations, though, no shred of evidence has come into light to support the claims. The printed story largely takes from the statements made by anonymous sources.

Hence, these all remain mere speculations regarding Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family. Moreover, recent reports confirmed that the British Monarch already recovered from her previous health scare.

Earlier this month, she returned to her work, easing the worries toward her condition across the nation, according to Geo TV. Any fears were said to be curbed and put to bed after seeing her all smiles with her audience.