Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially left their positions as working royals earlier in 2020. In their bid to carve out their own path outside the British Monarchy, they flew to the United States, and have since lived in their new home in California.

As they no longer work for the Royal Firm, they had to start finding ways to earn a living. This, then, led them to close deals with various companies, like Netflix and Spotify.

But, despite inking massive contracts, the couple seemingly continued to look for other means to make profits. In October, they landed "jobs" as "impact partners" at Ethic, according to the National Enquirer.

The publication said that it remains unclear what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do in their new positions. But, the company is said to be a "billion-dollar financial firm" that focuses on "environmentally conscious investments."

Evening Standard previously released a report, though, informing the public about the Sussex Royals' new posts at the firm. As noted, the pair's Archewell website confirmed the then-new partnership with Ethic, saying that investing in each other changes the world.

The site, also, acknowledged that whatever the form of investment is, the choices people make "define us a global community." Whether it may be "through the investment of time (as with mentoring), investment in community (as with volunteering), or investment of funds."

The new stint with Ethic is not the first for Prince Harry. He landed the role of "Chief Impact Officer" for BetterUp, a Silicon Valley company earlier in March.

Global News reported that the venture, which focuses on employee coaching and mental health services, hired the Duke of Sussex for the executive role. He has since become the company's first-ever Impact Officer, with goals of lifting up "critical dialogues around mental health," building "supportive and compassionate communities," and fostering a platform for "honest and vulnerable conversations."

But, as for his salary, reports stated that this aspect has remained undisclosed before the public.

In the discussions involving the Sussex Royals and "jobs," Prince Harry received backlash from many individuals earlier this month. As it happened, he advised the public to quit their work if they feel "stuck" and it does not bring joy. He emphasized, as well, that leaving jobs was something to be "celebrated," according to the Daily Mail.

Several experts and analysts, as well as netizens, slammed the Wales Prince for his "out of touch" comments. Some even told him to remain quiet, adding that not everyone is like him who has millions tucked away in the bank.