Kate Middleton and Prince William had a busy year in 2021. They made several appearances, as well as executed various projects.

It was, indeed, a successful and productive 12 months for the future King and Queen Consort. While completing their engagements is essential for the Firm, royal experts believe that the couple has a more modern "strategy" for the future of the British Monarchy. It is said to involve their chosen ensembles, according to Express UK.

Correspondent Christine Ross recently shared her observations with an episode of the Royally Us podcast. She said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear to have coordinated their outfit in their appearances.

She deemed Prince William's style "interesting," especially now he seems to step up his fashion game. One could reportedly notice there was "consultation" in terms of their chosen sartorial pieces.

Eloise Moran echoed the sentiments, saying that there is "definitely a strategy" on the couple's part. They have become more "likeable and relatable," and they "reflected" these in their clothing items.

As for Kate Middleton, the same royal experts asserted that she seems "a lot more confident" these days when it comes to her style. Considering she had to step up her game this year, she has really "honed in" on this aspect.

This is not the first time the public noticed the style of Kate Middleton. Over the years, many have followed her fashion statement, causing her to amass more fans across the globe.

She has even sparked the so-called "Kate Effect," according to Cheat Sheet. This comes as her outfits sell out quickly upon seeing her wear the ensemble.

Amid improving her style further, royal commentators and reporters noticed that she has a "clever strategy," ensuring her looks appear timeless. Tessa Dunlop stated that she seemingly chooses clothes that make her look "older than she is."

The expert explained that this may play to the Duchess of Cambridge's advantage, especially when Prince William becomes King and she a Queen Consort. Rather than giving the chance for the audience to say "her youth has diminished," she pitched it "perfectly" that she is "growing into her look and her role."

Fashion aside, many experts believe that Kate Middleton and Prince William are now "ready to lead a modern" British Monarchy. People said that their "magic" appears to stem from their different backgrounds.

The Duchess of Cambridge is from a hard-working family. She is said to have brought "pragmatic awareness" because of this.

On the other hand, the Duke of Cambridge has the experience of "knowing where the institution sits, and seeing it evolve." Accordingly, they play an important role in "finding a point of connection for a different range of subjects" that the British Royals have not always connected with in the past.