2022 is likely going to be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's year. This comes as sources asserted that the Sussex Royals will "finally prove their worth" outside the monarchy this year.

Us Weekly learned that the couple will drop various projects in the next few months. As reported, these include "some podcasts" for Spotify and two docuseries for Netflix.

The insiders did not share any details about the Spotify materials. But, it is alleged that the documentaries for the streaming giant will be about athletes who compete in the Invictus Games and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's humanitarian work.

Alongside these projects, the same sources said Prince Harry will publish his memoir in late 2022. It is reportedly the "most anticipated release" because of the content of the book.

As claimed, it will be a "controversial" material, housing a "lot of bombshells about royal life and mistreatment."

The informants continued that Meghan Markle is, also, working on her own book, which details her experience with the British Royal Family. However, it is "still in planning phases" as she is allegedly "waiting to gauge the reaction to Harry's memoir first."

A royal expert recently asserted, though, that Prince Harry will "unlikely" utilize his memoir to "trash" members of the British Royal Family. He could even make a "big royal comeback" next year, according to Metro UK.

Speaking to the publication, historian Ed Owens explained that there is no evidence telling the Duke of Sussex is "ready to burn all his bridges." Accordingly, the upcoming book appears to be "guarded and cautious," and may even help repair his rifts with the rest of his family.

He, also, noted there is no anticipation on his part that the Wales Prince will "condemn" any British Royal through public execution. He believes that the book will be a "careful presentation" of the royal's version of events.

Talks about the royal-born Prince's upcoming memoir first emerged earlier in July. It was after Page Six revealed the book's existence, saying that Prince Harry had been "secretly writing" it for nearly a year.

Sources added that he sold the material to Penguin Random House, and had been working with J.R. Moehringer. As recalled, he is a Pulitzer winner who has written several memoirs for the likes of Andre Agassi and Phil Knight.

At that time, reports said that the manuscript was due in August. But, the deadline had been pushed back to October due to the ongoing dramas surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Following the headlines, the Wales Prince released a statement about the matter. He shared that he is writing the book "not as the prince" he was born but as the man he has become today.