The 2021 Awards for the Earthshot Prize concluded a few months ago. During the ceremony, where one of the presenters was Kate Middleton, Prince William teased that the 2022 event will take place in the United States.

Following the announcement, reports of the couple flying to the U.S. have begun circulating. An insider even recently told OK! magazine that Queen Elizabeth II urged the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in secret to "take some time off" while in the country.

The source, then, claimed that the British Monarch "orchestrated" the planning of their stateside trip next year. She reportedly feels that the "getaway" will give the future King and Queen Consort "some well-deserved downtime" with their three children.

It is, also, alleged that the trip will be a "relaxed" one as it will come without the "pomp and formality of a royal tour." Accordingly, the Cambridge Royals now plan to have a lot of fun in the United States.

The publication listed all the activities that Prince William and Kate Middleton will allegedly do on the trip, alongside their children. But, the one thing that is not on the agenda yet is a visit to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

As claimed, the pairs still "have a tense relationship" with each other. The two royal siblings have "hardly improved" their links, adding that they do not "talk much."

On the Sussex couple's part, the same insider alleged that they have yet to invite the Cambridge Royals to their new California home. They are reportedly "territorial" of their celebrity-filled neighborhood, and they do not want the future King and Queen Consort to "steal their thunder."

Amid all the talks about Kate Middleton and Prince William's potential trip to the U.S., a royal commentator shared some of his insights on the subject of the Royal Fab Four meeting and bunking together soon. Jonathan Sacerdoti deemed it "unlikely," but it will all become "pretty big news," according to Marie Claire.

Speaking to Us Weekly, he said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's arrival in the United States is a "tricky social situation" for all four of them. He added that it is a "lose-lose" dynamic for both parties.

Sacerdoti explained that it would be "petty and nasty" if the Cambridge Royals received an invitation and chose to decline. Likewise, the same goes for the Sussex Royals if they do not give an invite.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear whether Kate Middleton and Prince William will, indeed, fly to the United States in 2022. The British Royals have yet to confirm or release any official announcement about their plans for next year.